Welcome to Ravensbourne University London's virtual Degree Show. We celebrate the class of 2021, who with resilience and resourcefulness survived a time like no other and leave us to become the creative leaders of tomorrow.

A Message from our Vice Chancellor

We are incredibly excited for you to view the work of our students, who represent the very
best of Ravensbourne. The class of 2021 began the academic year in the midst of a global
pandemic, yet harnessed the same passion and energy as they always have. This year, we
are proud to present the work of our Further Education, Undergraduate and SEEDS
students. Our Self-Employment Entrepreneurship Diversity Scheme (SEEDS) empowers
neurodiverse students to begin their freelance career or start their own business.

The work on display perfectly captures the signature curiosity and creativity that make
Ravensbourne so special. The high standard of work and refreshing perspectives
demonstrate who we are and what our graduates can offer to the creative industries. We
hope you’ll enjoy our Degree Show and familiarise yourself with the creative pioneers of the

Vice Chancellor

A Message from the Class of 2021