Aurora Shahu

A User-Experience and User-Interface (UX/UI) Designer. Passionate about creating meaningful experiences through design, I thoroughly enjoy taking ownership of my work and delivering innovative, User-Cantered, efficient and effective solutions. I like innovation and thrive in environments that embrace new technologies.

Black SwanBlack Swan is a live streaming platform for cooking along. Watch live cooking lessons or hire a privet chef.  Find local chefs or just meet chefs from all around the world and eat every day something
Meet MelanomaA health tool that helps in the detection of Melanoma cancer on dark and black skin An AI diagnostic system that keeps track of your full body skin and helps detect melanoma's skin cancer
ChatBarclaysChat Barclays offers financial advice and services for users in a vulnerable situation via an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that understands the user's financial market and emotional needs. Contact
Near Real FilmsFuture Interface with Blindltd Project by Aurora and Adam